“Haven’t seen a friend like ‘Loneliness’ till now”

Today’s calendar thought and the thoughts that blossomed

In the impermanent world, loneliness is somewhat permanent

Loneliness to Rejoicing in loneliness . . .

  1. Fearing and avoiding loneliness: Stage 1
  2. Anguish in loneliness:  Stage 2
  3. Seeking in loneliness: Stage 3
  4. Reviving in loneliness: Stage 4
  5. Self-realisation in loneliness: Stage 5
  6. Rejoicing in loneliness: Continues …
  • The fear of self-encounter i.e. fear of facing self (or) The sudden gloomy fear when there’s nobody surrounding us
  • It’s true that we feel some void and emptiness in our first face-to-face with loneliness
  • We begin our seeking, searching and striving to make ourselves and our surrounding lively
  • We feel refreshed with adequate rest, sleep, calm environment. This revives our body-mind and soul
  • When we feel the calm, we gradually start understanding our thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  • Thus when we get used to being alone, we start identifying the rejoice element in loneliness
  • We reach a stage where we feel crowd and claustrophobia for even one or two people around us
  • We are tempted to ask, “When will you leave”?
  • When the person leaves, we pack, set things right and start of inner-journey in our own pace

“Tears in loneliness can’t be grabbed from us”

Is it an asset to be grabbed?

Competition-envy, hitting-beating everything is towards what one considers “Worthy”

Fun in a crowd may disappear due to the fire of envy

But the tears in loneliness nobody can consider worthy to enviously grab away from us

Even if taken away from us…

We are alone

Tears simply roll down on its own

That’s why even when forced into a crowd, we remain alone

Keep quiet! Stop crying! Thus the children are controlled into silence and non-crying! Haven’t seen adults being forcefully told to stop crying

I’m enjoying loneliness and not struggling. Thank you God for the same

March 17, 2016



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