Absolutely adorable Cecilia mam!

Mam reflects God’s love and peace and there is a touch of divinity in whatever mam does

Mam is steadfast and marches towards God and her divine connection is ever alive

Mam inspires us just by being herself: She is an exemplary teacher in every sense

Mam gives a new meaning to the word ‘integrity’ and mam’s presence is in a neat line

Mam’s thoughts, words and deeds are crystal clear and her integrity reflects in her clarity

Mam is designed by God as example of an ideal human being with every virtue and merit

Mam is the best version of herself and forever she gives her very best for every moment

Mam is totally focused, fully present in every moment and brings in higher energy

Mam’s teaching was always excellent with rich content and  suitable methodology

Mam invites field examples that facilitate collective learning and direction-setting

Mam’s insights and guidance enrich the learning  as much as discussions, feedback

Mam believes in learning by doing: Role-plays were part of classroom learning

Mam contextualises Social Work Education through live practice sessions in the class

Mam integrates theory and practice so effortlessly and beautifully

Mam paves the way of additional learning by sharing of her reading and experiences

Mam supports wider exposure through field visits, co-curricular learning sessions

Mam preaches only what she practices and never forgets to practice it forever

Mam’s knowledge is up-to-date, her skills sharp and the attitude was the best

Mam prepares so well for each class with pertinent points, lecture cards

Mam teaches in such a way that we understand, internalise and apply our learning

Mam reads every sentence of our assignment sheets, answer sheets and gives her feedback

Mam is seen only in the chapel, library, classroom, cubicle doing productive work

Mam is always the pillar of support and guiding light for struggling Social Work trainees

Mam is consistent, courageous, concerned, compassionate, committed and convinced

Mam’s presence is reassuring: mam listens completely and understands even the unsaid

Mam is gentle yet firm; silent yet powerful; simple yet great and wise yet humble

Mam is full of truth, warmth and calm: So deep and profound her nature and heart so pure

Mam loves children and young people and is proud of every little progress they make

Mam demonstrates what it means to nurture, nourish and cherish the young ones

Mam is a keen observer and takes note of every good thing and rejoices in its goodness

Mam is simply the essence of the essential: There’s no excess, excuse or excitement

Mam is so magnanimous, generous, gracious, giving and forgiving

Mam is aware and alert and her conscience is the divinity in her

Mam is graceful, gorgeous and dignified and always commands respect

Mam believes in building peaceful individuals and peaceful families for a peaceful society

Mam’s family is one such peaceful family and has gifted to humanity through Cecilia mam



March 20, 2016


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