She arrived on 17th August 2013. She came in Peripaa’s car with Vichu. She saw me and amma and jumped on us. We took her to our home and played with her in water.  Amitesh and Silky slipped an dfell down together in water. Amma gave RR and Walnut to her. Paatti and Thatha were in our native. She was two months old. At night Amma and I went to buy Pedigree for her. We told Vichu to take care of her. When he saw her, she came out of the gate from the space under the gate. She jumped on all his friends. So took her to his house for safety and kept her in his room. Me and amma bought Pedigree, bone, plate, soap and a box for Pedigree for her. When we returned, we were shocked to see her missing. Then we went to Vichu’s house and he told us what had happened. We took her to our home and Vichu also came with us. We put her in our balcony and she was barking and Vichu allowed her inside. She pissed on a mat. Vichu taught her to sit down by using a bone. I kept some water her. She ate and she drank. She ate and she drank. We sent her inside the balcony. She was playing with a tin of Amul Cool.  She pissed in the balcony and I poured water on it. She liked cool place so she lied where the water was poured. I went inside the balcony again and again to see her. In the morning I woke up because she was continuously barking. She jumped on me and we both played with the tin. I took her walking first through the front gate. But lots of dogs were barking at her. So I took her through the back gate. After walk, she was fed with break and milk. On the first day after I went to dance class and returned, she jumped on me Days passed. Thatha and paatti came home. Silky was tied at the coconut tree near the back gate. Paatti saw her and sat there. Silky was barking and barking. As everyone was scared of her, she was tied the whole day till I returned from school. I untied her.

She was the most energetic, beautiful and naughty dog I have ever seen. I love her so much. She used to come inside the house even when she ran away, if I call S I L K Y …. I used to run and play with her all around the garden, house. Twice I went to Malini’s house for night stay. That time I asked Malini and took Silky with me to Malini’s house in the car. She was sitting near me in Malini’s car, looking out of the window. That was the time when we adopted Toffee for a short period of time. In Malini’s house we left her in the ground floor. In the morning we took into Malini’s house. She pissed on the bed. I, Rithikaa and Amitesh somehow managed to hide it. Later we went home in car with Silky as we came.

Silky was always fond of food. One day Perippa brought many items for Silky when I was not inhome. Perippa bought her a rope, collar and many kinds of dog food for her. I came home and I saw everything. He also bought a comb for her.

Priya and Surya were always scard of her since he jump on everyone.

Days passed. In thatha, paatti’s house some construction work started. So we made Silky stay in Magi’s house with Jiju. First, she was good there. As usual in her play of biting and eating everything, she had eaten something. This time it was something quite harmful. She was not feeling well for a long time. I brought her here. Here also she was like that. Her doctor came and saw her and said she had fever. He gave her injections and told thatha to give her glucose.

On 3rd November came again and gave injections and preferred heavy doses and went. We had gone out for dinner. When we returned, she got up and started moving without balance. I and amma laid bedsheet and covered her and she slept well.  Today amma stold me to go and se her. I went down to see her. I and thatha tried to give her medicine. She tried to move away. After we gave, she vomited. I tried to wake her up to give her a bath. She gave a strange sound and pissed while lying. Amma came down. She was breathing with struggle till she died. I saw her die in front of my eyes. I cried and cried. First I told, she cannot be buried. Then I requested thatha to burry her in our ground. Thatha agreed to burry her in our garden itself. Vichu came and told amma to take me inside. I kept on crying in the room. I was telling amma about her and her how I loved her. Amma told me to write about her. A place was being dug in the garden. I saw her one last time from the balcony.  I took her collar and wrote SILKY and back of it wrote “I Love Silky by Hela’ and kept the collar on top of her burial. I also kept her chains which thatha used for taking her for morning walks.

I loved her so much. On my birthday after the cake-cutting, I gave cake for my friends and Silky first.

This day was the end of my pet Silky whom I loved so much after my amma.


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