My Daksh

Your little fingers wrap around my waist
Your shiny cheeks on my back
Our bike stops as we please
Our journey together always at ease
My friends love you more
You are the bravest for sure
You can plan; You can play
You can teach; You can guide
You can set up; You manage money
You are the smartest and the sweetest
You brought all luck and love
Your cheers, smiles and fun
Your hugs and kisses a ton
All your choices terrific
Choco-lava cake, kit-kat, Roast Almond Cadbury
French fries, curd rice and margarita cheese burst
Murukku, sambar, Dosai, Idli, Lemon-rice and potato
Your love for chic-fit outfits & your dress-up style
Your thoughts of matching accessories & hairstyle all unbelievable
I can neither count nor plan like you
Never I’m clear like you
Your laughter, humour and wits superb
“Ask your mind! Don’t ask your child!” Your best quote ever
You understand everything
Everyone so impressed with you
Your maturity, balance and independence
I love this world ‘In your eyes’
I thank God so much
Life’s best gift my girl
My Daksh my life


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