Now here

Daksh insisted she’ll stay awake. She spoke with me once the landing happened. But could not stay awake beyond 11:30pm. She was staying awake with amma and appa. She was in deep sleep when I reached home. Luckily the quickest taxi ever and I was home on September 30 itself. I managed to sleep after midnight 12. Daksh came up around 5 am and that was the end of my sleep. I prefer ealier flights. But this one inevitable since we were travelling the whole day – The road travel started at Bodh Gaya around 9 am and at Patna airport around 1 pm. At Delhi airport around 6 pm and the take off around 8:40 pm instead of 8 from Delhi. However landed earlier than expected 10:55 pm…. Kids went to drawing class on Saturday. In the evening we made it to Dasara Dolls Display. Daksh sang many songs. Next day, Daksh, me and amma went to visit amma’s brother in a hospital on Sunday. Monday was the Birthday shopping day. My legs had so much pain and I was totally tired while we stepped out of the shop. Dakshin Darling had energy to think of a visit to EA and a movie in EA around 4 pm. Luckily we went to Mags office instead and reached home comfortably. 2 days we had guests. One day we manged to go to a movie in 2 batches and return together in TATA Magic. Movie was quite hopeless and the ride in the nice vehicle was fun. It was all Daksh treat for her Birthday. Then one day I managed visit again my uncle who was to be discharged and that was a real DAY with some shopping for others -mobile, sweets and snack, clothes and what not…none for me though!!! Bought some stuff for home on the way and was back home around 6 pm – a real record considering the travel to the other side of the city. Lots of work pending. Lots of dreams to be accomplished yet…Keeping no plans works well in Chennai -though the last day rush and last night sleelessness inevitable. Daksh seems to be happy -watching a lot of TV, doing her favourite craft works from her books and ordering her favourite food to where she is watching TV. Looks like I climb up the stairs 20 times daily. No outstation, long distance trips made in the past 1 week. I am working from home this week and there are some mails to see and reply and calls to coordinate. Some substantial works when she’s sleeping. This quick update so that nothing is lost from memory. Today-Tomorrow off and the school reopens on Monday. Hope as always God helps me to stay sane and get the priorities right….


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