‘What friends can do?’

We studied in a beautiful university. We love it and cherish the memories. Fifteen of us, young girls- formed this lovely friendship gang. We were together from 1995 to 2001 always in the class and hostel. We immensely enjoyed our time together and also our maggi and tea. One of our friends the most beautiful and stylish with child like sweet smile met with a tragic accident on the last day of our college. She is perfectly fine –only her movement confined because the spine was hurt. After the treatment, she went to UP. We had minimum contact with each other and lost touch with almost everyone.

Within 3 months of fb entry, all of us found each other-though the surnames have changed after marriage. Through one friend to another, the 14 of us are now back in touch. We got back in touch with my sweet smiling friend after 13 years through her cousin. We came to know she was losing weight and getting into depression as years passed with restricted movement. She has a lovely mother, brother and sister-in-law and a full-time caretaker to support her. Though her hands could move fingers had some constraints but with her thumb, she was able to receive calls and send texts.

From different states, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Jharkand, 8 of us started writing to her text messages and mails almost daily. We all decided to meet at Delhi and take a train to meet our friend in UP. We went to Delhi. We bought a simple laptop as a gift for our friend so that she can be active on our fb network. When we reached her place, she was so happy and so full of tears.

Through her, the reunion happened and each of received all the vibrant energy from each other. In her house, to remember and relive our old hostel days we kept eating maggi and drinking Tea in a few rounds though we were neither hungry nor in need of it.

She and her sweet smile are just the same. She refused ‘Tea’ and told I’m happy to talk and listen. ‘You are still rocking baby! Look at us out of shape after babies’. She smiled for this comment too

Can you believe the coincidence? This meeting of our sweet friend happened on ‘Friendship Day’. We weren’t aware of this while figuring out mutually convenient dates. Some smarties brought friendship bands and put on each others’ hands. This was simply amazing!

How can I miss out the hurdles in the journey? My husband who works in another state was supposed to come and take care of my 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy to relieve me. His audit team arrived and he was held up. My aunt came to my rescue and the plan didn’t change.

My friend with whom I started first started discussing the plan conceived after 10 years. We thought it is wiser to wait till she crosses the first trimester. When it was her 4th month, her in-laws opposed her idea of the travel. She told, ‘I already committed to my friends’.

Unfortunately when she reached the airport, she realised she missed her flight. When she called me from the airport, I suggested, ‘Consider going back-may be this indicates something’. Her reply, ‘I think I conceived only with the good thought and dream of meeting our friend. How can I give up? Something can happen to me even when I’m at home. I will come in the next flight and I will not go back.’

Against all little blocks, we made it. Now….My friend is back in touch with all of us through fb. Thanks to her brother who got her a data card. Now she lives in an all new world and all of us too. Thanks to her. She is gaining weight is improving and. She says she is waiting for a miracle. She says one day she will be able to walk again and she will come to me. I think God will make it happen and she will come.

I didn’t realise this is a precious real life friendship story worth writing down-till someone listening to it typed it as told by me.

Yes I agree with the title.

Friends can bring back your smile!

It’s she who brought back our smiles.

Her sweet smile is the light that fills our hearts each day!


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