‘Only you my God’

All search
All waiting

All suffering
All struggles

Totally tiring
I’m done

No one knows
Only you my God

Every load unbearable
Every pain unthinkable

Instead of pleasure and pain
Now the cycle repeats only pain

Unfair-very very unfair
Not a ray of hope

Never before so much
Everything too much

Everything adds to the stress
Even the stress-busters you designed

Your direct care in your ICU
Feels like the only way

Your otherwise positive Bhu feels this way
You may know before I say

Whatever is the time-limit
Don’t you see this is it?

God please take charge
God, I surrender totally, completely

God please forgive me
My million sins

My countless mistakes
My hurting, my outbursts

My impatience
My distrust

Please forgive everything
Forgive me also for the moments I didn’t remember you

Please do something
Please come to my rescue now

I trust only you
Please come soon


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