April 21, 2010. . . The chain of communications…

Due to new procedure, Afghanistan visa delayed by 2 days instead of same day evening
Had to inform Kabul office and reschedule travel
Lailuma was the only friend whose number I had saved in my mobile
Lailuma is now in an another organization
With the hope to get Sultan’s number from her, called Lailuma
Her Raheja sister answered
Raheja requested me to call her back so that she can give her sister’s number
In the meantime found Fazel’s number and called him
There was an incoming call from Raheja while I was speaking with Fazel
I called back Raheja after ending call
Raheja gave me Lailuma’s number
During this time there was another incoming call
It was Lailuma to whom Raheja has already given my number
Lailuma told Raheja has joined the organization when she left
That’s how Raheja had Lailuma’s number (Apparently office number)
Had a nice talk
Requested for Sultan’s number
Raheja and Sultan were attending the same meeting
If only … I casually asked Raheja, “By any chance you have Sultan’s number? I’d have spoken with him in the first call”
Fortunately Lailuma knew Sultan’s number by-heart
I managed to pass the messaged to him in the evening

Well done!

How many coincidences?

Another great thing . . . Lailuma came all the way to see me during the Tea Break of the first day meeting! Wow I am honoured! She’s one of the rare single women in Kabul well qualified and experienced. She is just back from Haj so I received her blessings along with the hug


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