Happy love month!

F o r e v e r y o n e

Born in love
Grown in love
Together in love
Away in love
High in love
Dozy in love

Drowned in love calling it an illusion
Searching in love divinity beyond ‘Chemistry’
Carrying sweet load ~the untold love
Pulled apart… life Vs love
Loving tirelessly both secret & chaste life
Registering marriage & living under hide
Living together …to be married yet

Losing parents for love
Losing love for parents
Losing love for better life
Losing life for ‘better love’

Refreshing love with every-day fights
Breaking with not a single fight
Getting old not finding first love
Believing “Marriage & love” are 2 different things
Immersed in true love to find life’s true meaning
Creating warless world: passing time in casual love

Enjoying 1 Valentine’s day with 3 lovers
Celebrating Valentine’s day not knowing love
Celebrating love ever knowing Valentine’s Day never
Happy Love Month!


Wrote first in ‘தமிழ்’ Tamil
Few things make sense in my context only though LOVE is UNIVERSAL…
Thanks Mujeeba for suggesting translation
Thanks Catherine for liking it (!) and your suggestions
Thanks Shri for the appreciation (தமிழ்) & feedbacks (English)


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