Sisters’ Love Part II

Kanagaraj Chithappa and Kasthuri Chithi have lots of respect towards our amma appa and no wonder we three sisters feel the special bond for their girls Aruna and Anitha. Aruna always slim and straightforward. Anita always fatty and naughty.Below is the testimonial she wrote for her akka Aruna on ORKUT on Aruna’s birthday. This so revealing and truly refreshing

For Aruna’s wedding also Anitha ended up buying more expensive stuff for herself. Absolutely cute sister. We love you more Anitha for your honest testimonial about yourself!
“Was thinking of writing a testimonial for u and finally realized and that day is today”. We were together all the time and our marriage life has brought a small gap just in distance but at heart and soul we are still bonded. Aruna I have always wondered y appa put us in same school and college and me always following wherever u go like a hutch dog right from St.Ebbas, Adarsh vidayala, Childrens Garden, Stella Maris. Same Teacher of yours taking class for me, knowing Each others friend, traveling together to School, College was all so much Fun.Remember i always come to your class (School &College) bugging u for money after spending mine, just to eat from the canteen. But you were always there saying only NO in the beginning but ends up givng all tht u have. Appa always have good reasons for watevervhe do and this must also be the one. Aruna our life with aachi, thatha is truely unforgettable. We were always special for them and got everything. we had asked for. Rememebr Amma buy us peanuts and muruku just to stop me crying wen she leaves to office. Strarting our day with a cup of boost and our fav biscuits and sharing soem stupid things were all so much fun.I now realise we have missed those,as we grew up. Our figths for silly reasons will always bring us smile wen we think of it. I wish all those time comes back.We have always got the best. in everything and will get the same in future as well. Let me just say our paappa is THE BEST. Hope we bring her up the same as how we grew up. Our parents are our biggest Assests. lets always remember this. Enjoy this day Aruna!! Sure u will love this testimonial though I could share only little. Love u Aruna. 15.12.2009


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