M A L I N I Sisters’ Love Part I

1.The first Fine Arts Post Graduate in our family
2.The first and the only person who has seen “All India”
3.The first ever artist; 2D and 3D Animator; Graphic Designer; Web Designer in our family
4.The first and the one and only one (among men and women) to learn a foreign Language JAPANESE
Level 1 with distinction
5. The first woman in the family to become a TEAM LEADER
6.The first female (Tamil speaking) Key Animator in Tamil Nadu
7.The first woman 2 wheeler driver in our family
8.The first woman 4 driver for the whole of our family
9.The first and the only person in the family who drives to work
10.The only one among 3 daughters to be with the parents always and to care for them (Drive them anywhere)
11.The first woman in the family to get the passport
12.The first in the entire family and the first ever woman to earn half a lakh per month in 1998-99
13.The first spiritual reader in the family to read books of OSHO, JK and others
14.The first and the only one in the family to learn acupressure and master HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS
15.The first in the family to learn Yoga fully
16.The first and the only one in the family to learn and practice Reiki
17.The firs and the only one in the family to learn and practice Thai-Chi
18.The first and the only one in the family to learn about the Montessori Method of Education
19.The first in the family to learn and do Mehendi, Fabric Painting and Designs, Beautiful Kolams and Rangoli
20.The first and only one in the family to have so many national and international friends
21.The only one in the family who provided pre and post-marital counseling to friends
22.The one person whom not only friends but the families of friends trust
23.She’s the first in the family to do a Fashion Designing Course
24.The first in the family to do a photography course (and own a camera)
25.The first ever fabric collage artist in Tamil Nadu
1.She’s well-versed in many things and in particular the mysterious things – She knows palmistry, she knows gemology, Vasthu, Feng Shui etc.
2.She’s the one well informed of the global trends, best sellers and best movies including the animation movies
3.She loves play and spending time with kids and has enjoyed a lot of her time in creative play
4.She’s the one who always entertains kids with stories, animation movies, Montessori learning resources, Online learning packages, CDs etc. (While both boys Vishruth and Amit learn and share the most with her, both girls Dakshu and Ritu love her and adore her)
5.She does not believe in gender stereotypes and she not only believes but practices. She does not come across as a radical feminist but gets men to do the odd jobs (from childhood)
6.She has very good taste and aesthetic sense and enjoys good designs and quality of fabric, jewels etc
7.She is a terrific planner. She not only planned but also ensured that parents constructed the house at Medavakkam
8.She is a great Economist. She saves very well. She’ll always pull out a currency from the purse saying, “This is the last 100 I have”. But that may not be the last note actually …She’s the Lakshmi among the 3 of us. Magi was always bright in studies and a voracious reader –So she was the Saraswati. Malini -the Bank with reserves, the Lakshmi- They told me I became Durga/Parvati not because I am so courageous but among the female trinity, that was the last available choice after Kalaimagal and Alaimagal, it’s only Malaimagal – No wonder I now live in a Malai country
9.She is the creamy elite of the family really classy, very pleasant, diplomatic, positive and balanced liked by all for her good looks and good nature
10.She loves good food and a good cook -especially fastfoods -specialises in North Indian and Chinese
(All her decorations and Rangoli)
Just for laughs
1.The first in the family to think “How the world was formed” during Primary school days and that too during the exams
2.The first one who tried to make tea for a friend during primary school days (But no one told her it was the milk that was becoming the curd) No making fun! Praise the effort
3.The first and the only one who asked the man she engaged to whether he can cook (Before marriage) (Till we heard it the second time, we assumed he had asked her that)
Just for thoughts
1.However she’s the only one in the family to doubt “Am I good at anything?” with all these exceptional qualifications, merits and achievements
2.That’s quite helpful for many of us to foolishly believe “She’s lazy”….See that’s completely crazy!!!
3. Even today after reading this she insisted these are no achievments at all and look like an unworthy list

Magi inspired this post with her 5 point starter…You expect me to keep it simple? Then how can I work in an INGO? But truly Malini has it all and more….my memory quite helpful though not fully….So the list will continue

Dedicated to our beloved younger sister M A L I N I the Great

& all the sisters who fight a lot and find the strength in each other


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