Half Water! Aadha Paani?!?!

Colleague’s wedding on Monday Evening. •In Chennai, we have mostly closed wedding halls and sweat and sweat.
•In Nepal they have mostly open roof top halls and we shiver and shiver…Winter weddings….don’t ask!
•Mrs. Ali, Anju, Bhu, Catherine and Husnain (Jr.Ali) decided to have a cup of coffee to feel warm
•The wedding was happening in the terrace of a hotel
•We walked in to the restaurant
•We were very sure to get receive coffee -They had just served all guests.
•Some of us were going for second help actually.
•Even Mrs. Ali who does not take coffee thought of having one to feel better and warm

We went and orderedBearer: “Coffee not available now”
Us: “How can that be possible?! Just now we were served. We must get it now!
Bearer: “Milk coffee?”
Us: Yes!
Bearer: “Not possible now!” – “May be black coffee”
Us: “We don’t want full milk coffee. We just want little milk for colouring”
Bearer: “No milk available”
Us: “No milk? What about milk powder?”
Bearer: No milk and no milk powder!
Us: “How’s that possible in a restaurant?….No milk and milk powder”
Bearer: “We can only give black coffee”
Us: Very reluctantly… “OK!…Give us black coffee” (DOWNFALL OF KINGDOM)

Nothing arrived for 10 minutes. We were sure that we irritated them enough to not get anything

Us: What’s happening…Where’s our black coffee?
Bearer 2: May take time! Everybody is busy now”
Us: “Take time?….to make black coffee?”
Catherine: Shall I come and make?
Bearer 2: Yes!

Catherine gets up and goes near the kitchen…5 bearers form a semi-circle. That’s a scene there! Catherine is Half British+Half Canadian Jewish. She’s stylish, beautiful and energetic with very sharp features, sharp voice and accent and can command despite her small young looks

Catherine: You have hot water? Give us Hot Water!
Catherine comes to us and asks, “What is hot water in Nepali?”
I understood her question and replied quickly Thathu Paani
Anju heard it as “Half Water”….and she replied more quickly “Aadha Paani”

I heard the translation and started laughing and laughing….for what on earth one would need Half Water….? Anju also started laughing. I wondered how it would be called in Chemistry. Half water = H1O/2?

Catherine came near us and rehearsed Thathu Paani ….6 time (The British accent…LIKE TATTOO)
I told, “Let’s get up and leave if Catherine practices once more”

At last, one glass of Thathu Paani arrived

Catherine: We want 4 more glasses!
4 more glasses arrived

Catherine: Where is my Sugar? Where is my Coffee Powder? and Where is my Milk Powder?

Sugar and Coffee Powder arrived (They truly had no milk powder)

By now Mrs. Ali gave up the idea of having coffee

Husnain the young man who accompanied us to the restaurant was laughing all through…and his beautiful dimples adorable to watch

Catherine, Anju and Bhu made and had the most unforgettable coffee in our lives…it was so good for the weather and we lived happily ever after!!!!

I think the Restaurant was shocked

THANKS TO CATHERINE!!! She actually did it! Made the coffee and made our day!!!
This is not just laughter therapy but also coffee making course for beginners~


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