Morning contemplation

Day 3
Prayer has noting to do with what is known all around the world as prayer. Real prayer is not a ritual. Real prayers has nothing to do with the church or the temple or the mosque; the real prayer is neither Christaian nor Hindu or Mohammedan. The real prayer has nothing to do with words, it is not verbal. It is silent gratitude. It is a silent bowing to existence

So wherever, whenever you feel like bowing to the earth, to the trees, to the sky, bow. That bowing will help you slowly, slowly, to disappear.

Prayers is one of the greatest methods of destroying the ego, and when the ego is gone, God is lfeft. It is the ego that is hiding God in a dark cloud. When the cloud is gone the sun shines forth in all its glory, beauty, grandeur, splendor.

Day 4
People pray out of their misery. They pray because they are miserable, and they think through prayer they will be able to get out of misery. At the most that kind of prayer can help to console them, but it cannot help them to get out of misery. They will become settled and adjusted to their misery – that is really dangerous. The so-called religion works in that way: It helps you to become adjusted to all kinds of misery.

That’s why in the East you will see people living in all kinds of miseries without any rebellion, without any effort to improve their life. It is because of their so-called religiousness; they have become adjusted to everything, they have forgotten completely that life can be different. They have accepted life as it is.

This is not a good situation: it stops evolution. Hence I never suggest prayer when one is in misery. Prayer should be only when you are cheerful, blissful, when you can dance and sing, when you can rejoice. Then prayers is a tremendous leap into the unknown because it helps you to trust existence. Prayers is trust. It si a love affair with the whole, a love affair with the trees and the stars and the mountains and all that is


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