Flavoured music

“Self-cooking? Not difficult! Cooking for self? Not easy!”

Great cooks
Greater workers
The greatest friends
Endorse Bhu’s theory
One more in common
They live alone too

Time, effort un-justified
Just for one; as good as none
Some say ‘Lazy’ or
‘Lack of self-love’
May be! May be not!
‘No worry! Anything fine!’
Voice of love..self-love or what else?

Elaborate cooking
Uneconomical you see
Once cooked for one
Other than none
Ends up for ten
Morning, noon, evening
Night and another morning too
Pale with stale

Professionals indeed
You smarties
Day in and day out
In a giffy
You do this

For me though
One curry
Never in hurry
one full hour
Who is hungry
Who is waiting
Why worry?

All ready-Ready to eat?
Inside voice – Why now?
Gone appetite
Count on table
Just this much!!
Then why so much
Time and labour
Not worth

Disasters and experiments
Uncut green chilly blasts in oil
Such little cooking – Yet
The spills, blasts, splashes and sprays
Dish wash terror
Stove wipe fear
Floor clean horror
Not at all worth

One cook
One eater
Ten cleaners?
Not worth

Veg+rice overcooked
Open to see Pulao
See something Mexican
Tastes something else
Not my cup of Tea

Only cup of tea
My cup of tea
Rice stays
Sugar ends

Happening place! My kitchen
So say ~Milk, sugar and Tea
Museli, Pre-cooked porridge stuff
Almonds and walnut
Bread and bun
Multi-grain fun
Also curd
Butter still better
Banana, papaya also in line
See fruit list also
Never go for the difficult ones

Leave it all the super women
Who runs a restaurant
As though part time
Then runs 50 kms
Slog 8 hours

Re-start evening only
Candle light absent
Specials present
Health needs dictate
What for who

Clean and cut
Wash and scrub
Peel and deal
Grate and shred
Slice and chop
Rinse and pluck

Boil and bake
Mince and marianate
Coat and dip
Roast and dry roast
Dry and pound
Fry and deep fry

Soak and sprout
Mash and squash
Peel and pound
Squeeze for juice

Freeze for cubes
Stir for syrup
Cool for jelly
Heat to melt

Grind for paste
Blend for shake
Pack and stack
Serve and serve with smile

Clean and clear
Clear and clean
Wash and wipe
Squeeze and dry

And & and no end
In dreams too-Grocery list
Things to do-Needless to write
Sleepess brain-Slips less

Spluttering mustard seeds, whistling cookers, dancing spoons, diving vessels
Running mixies, revolving grinder stone,Coconut breaking, cardamom pounding
Flavoured music- whether favoured or not
All the time flavoured

Day One; Delicacies Ten
Over four hundred a month
Guests and occasions
Festivals and celebrations

Did I miss baby food?
Need only to be fed
Too much for caretaker
You the mother; Too easy

The divine mother-The super woman
Multi-cuisine restauranteur
Full-time paid worker
Over-time unpaid caregiver and homemaker

New tastes, new choices- Home made all
Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Korean
Spanish, Russian, Thai and French
Japanese, Lebanese and all the rest on atlas

Why not? So easy!
TV shows-Online lessons
Weekend courses- Neighbours’ tips
Colleagues’ courses

Now I go all out to
Sell the jargon our slogan
‘Cook-seldom! True wisdom!’
Taste buds-Rest! Till we meet amma next

Proper cooking~Proof for nourishment?
Variety cooking! Way of life? ~Not really!
Tasty though for Conditioned tongues
Conditioning not in our vocabulary

No cooking compulsion; by chance or choice …
Celebrate each day; Moment after moment
Endless recipes for effortless cooking(+eating)
Inventory of eatouts and eatables

Ask not for recipes
Efforltess living no roll-out package
Self-discovery the key ~Go search
Acutally…not worth sharing ~ Got it?

Oh! You mean no one asked!?
That’s fine! No problem!
super women know it all – Need no ‘Hero’
What’s there to count when it’s ‘Zero’

I know you laughed loud
I heard it and am proud
That’s step 1 in self-discovery
You are on track! Keep it up~

More to laugh:The nice cloth-made-dining-chair slipped back for some weird reason. Till the end couldn’t stop falling; Fell down with water in hand. Didn’t want anyone to come running hearing the sound of fall; Thank God None heard it! Then missed a kid around to see and laught at that style of backward dive…Especially Bubblie would have laughed so beautifully. Daksh too would have enjoyed rethinking and laughing more. Ritu may say, “ஐயோ…! ஏய் அப்படி சிரிக்ககூடாது! பாவம் புவனா! Amit’s eyes will express more. The cushion the cause, half-sleepy me? How did the balance loss happen? Not worth analysing. Little pain on the left side of the head that hit the wall…Quickly thought will rectify left-brain inaction. Yesterday it happened and after that this longest post today… Leave it to you!

Dedicated to Dhanya and Mags~The 2 superwomen close to my heart. Dhanya specially for inspiring writing and writing this style. Dhanya the wonder woman who writes so well; reads so much; devoted mother and cooks so much; Mags, my akka for reading and spotting the style of Dhanya and also for being the wonder woman who works all day at home and at office yet read anything and everything from ஹோமியோபதி சுடர் to பசுமை விகடன்.
Another special information: The only two regular blog readers. So also the “Most Patient and resilient women Award” too your way smarties!


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