One hundred possibilities in one skype call

Online talk with video is fantastic with unlimited possibilities. Magi logged with Ritu and Dakshu and Amma in the background. We did all this

*Showed new things like mobile, potted plant, flower, new wooden structure to keep Gods. Sai Baba statue
*Daksh showing how mismatched her outfit is – Her leg near the camera-Pink pant and yellow top
*Daksh ran out to bring the note book and showed the NEAT & Good her teacher had written
*Ritu’s favourite song ஒற்றைக்கண்னாலே was played
*Daksh and me tried dancing to tune – We copied each other’s steps it looked like
*I told Ritu’s 2 favourite stories
*I watched a live fight live – Daksh and Ritu for Magi’s lap for better view
*To make sure she did not cry, I tried, நண்டு வருது நரி வருது
*Also tried திருஷ்டி சுற்றுதல் / நெட்டி முறித்தல்
*Flying kisses that did not fly
*The comedy track throughout was Ritu showing the tongue -her classic style
*Magi took some snaps and said they were clearer than the video
*Ritu was in a blue top and Pink Hair band; Amma’s saree was same as Ritu’s top

So total feel of free home coming. Thanks to akka and Skype – Also possible in yahoo and google


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