First flight-missing experience

  • Missing the connecting flight is MIS-CONNECTION as airlines officials refer to it.
  • Kathmandu-Delhi flight delayed by 2 hours.
  • It takes good 1 hour to go through health screening, immigration and claim bags and reach Delhi International to Delhi Domestic Airport. 
  • Planning for a connection longer than 3 hours’ gap is not within the thinking power of busy-lazy like me. I may delay as much…but once I am ready…there shall be no delay. This  is my policy….
  • On June 19, 2009, I took for granted and was too lazy to look into the following things. I might have still missed…But the fact that I didn’t even try, made me feel like a super-fool

When you have to take a connecting flight…

  •  Try to book in the same airlines as a connecting flight. Not as two separate bookings. I was booked in the same airlines but as two separate tickets. Airlines officials were unable to help me much. However they helped me to take the morning flight with absolutely no additional fare because it was same airlines. Officials were kind enough to arrange a safe space for me to relax overnight because it was same airlines
  • Collect both boarding pass/Through Book/Do direct check-in: This means you have collected boarding pass for both flights in the first departure point
  • If you through book, your baggage is moving often without you having to move it. However in Delhi twice, I was asked to  ensure it moves. Yet having both boarding passes not only saves time, but also forces the airlines to wait for you in anticipation 
  • Preferably have only Cabin Baggage

Ask for PRIORITY / TRANSFER TAG on your bags so that your bags reach the belt earlier than other passengersIf you have bags to be checked in as well

If held up like me, seek and receive help from airlines officials rather than get out of the airport

One official suggested Shift-Manager’s Room since the Shuttle Lounge was under renovation. The room was OK but full of smoke, ash and cigars with no ventilation (Not sure who would come in when)

The other official went out of the way to help me decide the Shuttle Lounge was still OK for stay since renovation was not major. He suggested his assistant to give me a EXECUTIVE CLASS CARD -may be that place only for Executive Class. So I had a comfortable night stay at Delhi-Domestic-Departure(Pre) …Delhi


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