7 things I like in Boaz School! Post by my Akka!

1. Dakshu and Ritu asked to remove bangles (no gender bias, no bangles for boys, so no for girls too…)
2. Ritu asked to remove big hanging dangles – advised to put only small ones in the ear…..
3. All teachers behaving so modestly, every new parent in the gate praising this quality
4. All students alike, in comfortable dressing – T-Shirts and Shorts, with no gender bias. I have always felt wearing skirt or hanging around dress is an insult to the girls, who always have to be more careful when mingling with boys
5. One parent remarked about a boy in 9th standard, the way he spoke, the way he loved the school the confidence he had etc., I am eagerly waiting Dayish and Ritu talking that way too….both are so natural kids too…..now in the proper hands, will shape even better…..
6. They just go day by day, no fixed thoughts, no unchangeable rules, as I can see them in this short acquaintance, a thing uncommon to find in many schools.
7. The admin staff and the watchman including, behaving so nicely, relaxed, like the many people in Nepal we saw….. 

Maheswari Balachandran


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