4 things Bubblie liked and enjoyed ! நேற்று விஷ்ருத் ரசித்த 4 விஷயங்கள்

Date: May 18, 2009 Occasion: Kathmandu Sight-seeing

  1. Monkey grabbing ice-cream from Ritu
  2. Daksh getting scared of a monkey
  3. View of Kathmandu valley through telescope
  4. Amitesh eating cone leaving the ice-cream scoop on tope (Like rat கொறிச்சிங்க்)

P.S.: Bubblie is Vishruth’s Pet name ( & in turn he calls me not சித்தி but Bhuz-Bhuz); The Swayambhu Temple also called Monkey Temple

Tail News 1 for Point number One: Mals: “Whose ice-cream the monkey grabbed?” Dakshu’s?

                                                                       Vishruth: “Ritu’s! Do you think the monkey can grab Dakshu’s? She will grab it back from the Monkey!

“What a gogetter daughter I have -Bubblie!”

Tail News 2 for Point number One: All Adults: Thank God the monkey grabbed Ritu’s ice-cream! It was so hopeless;

So.. Ice-cream evolution happening yet? (Or) did we go for the one Made for Monkeys?

By the way..Beloved blog readers, One thing I liked and enjoyed today(Recollection) is a powerful technique to finish the day positively and sleep peacefully

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