“This is nothing!”Dedicated to my friend who made me feel so

காய்ச்சல், தடுமம், தனியே… தடுமாறினேன்… ஒரு ஆறு மாதக் குழந்தை, ஒரு மூன்று வயதுக் குழந்தை, கணவர் என மூவரின் நோய் தீர்க்கும் முயற்சியில் தன் நோய் பற்றி  நினைக்ககூட நேரமில்லாத தோழியின் நிலையை நினைந்துணரும் வரை…தூக்கம் வரும்போது தூங்கலாம்; தூக்கம் போகும்வரை தூங்கலாம்…My privilege

***God please be with my friend ; Take care of her! (God!By the way, hope you visit my blog regularly)

My friend poetically blogged about family flu . I then realised I’m blessed with solitude to sleep till I recuperate and wrote this one. I understand திருநெல்வேலி தமிழ் is difficult … Nellai Tamil is purer and  gentler . Symptoms it in Chennai Tamil, may  give sick look to the post also. Friend in her comment wanted more English so this one edited to become bi-lingual now.

She’s a special friendA great journalist. ‘Education’ her area of specialisation. She worked for Express and Hindu. We’ve seen Chennai schools. With Daksh once pretending to admit Daksh (Context: Post-Kumbakonam). Whenever she wrote about a school, the school got a lumpsum, the head teacher got Best teacher award or fixing repairs happened like magicPen is mightier than sword...Always she proved.Though a busy journalist of Chennai, now a full-time mother on the move…Banglore, Mumbai and Malaysia as on date Dedicated motherhood is another thing I adore her for.

She loves learning, change and kids; Always instantly recognises and appreciates everything good however small they are; She is natural and peaceful; I like the way she overcomes pain through humour  

As mothers, we think alike and feel alike: We’ve cried on each other’s shoulders when our kids started school. Our kids didn’t cry that much.We re-read our kids’ first day at school mails and saw how feelings matched after 4 years

She’s my inspiration to blog: I registered அம்மாமகள் entering through her WordPress blog; Amazing how she finds time to blog and reply to comments amidst her fulltime work of child care and homemaking…She proves my mom’s oft-quoted theory ‘Busy person finds time for everything and lazy person finds excuse for everything”. Her blog readership is a proof for her enchanting writing.I love her oneliners which get 10 comments of 20 lines at least

**This post is now more English just for you ‘தன்_’ Post 50 to you***


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